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We are getting a GRANT!

With the overwhelming support of our local community, I was able to apply for the Nevada County Last-Mile Broadband Grant on the 6th Dec last year. Yesterday I was thrilled that the Board Of Supervisors has approved the staff recommendation to provide the funding for our underground fiber optic internet project.

The Nevada County Executive team and staff should be recognized for taking decisive action to stimulate meaningful change in our community with this new and innovative grant program.

Construction will begin immediately and I look forward to the results speaking for themselves. I will continue to apply for additional funds from local, state and federal programs that will allow Nevada County Fiber, Inc to expand this world-class underground fiber-optic network further into our community.

Some 10 years ago my friends and relatives were surprised we had AT&T DSL in the forest, now they will be envious that we will have underground fiber optic internet to support our growing community needs.

I am sure you are all keen to know when I can get you connected, please stay tuned for more information.

Click here to read The Union Newspaper article.

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