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NevCoFiber, an ISP Servicing a Community in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, 100% Deployed and Operated

Nevada County Fiber (NevCoFiber) was created in 2019 as a response to the lack of high-speed internet in Nevada county. Realizing that AT&T DSL was no longer enough to keep up with the rest of the world, Andrew Wilkinson, a local resident agonized over what to do. With complaints from family and community members he realized something had to be done. With no real viable alternative, Andrew created NevCoFiber with the mission of connecting members of his community with resilient high speed fiber connectivity.

NevCo’s curre

nt deployment plan covers an area of approximately 500 homes, none of which have access to high-speed broadband, most are reliant on poor AT&T DSL service, some are using costly and unstable wireless/satellite internet, or worse some are living with just cell phone hotspots. None of the regional telcos and cable operators have expressed any interest in expanding their networks into the area. So, as you can imagine, every property owner in the area is excited about the potential of internet connectivity from NevCoFiber.

NevCo’s fiber optic network infrastructure is 100% underground, to protect it from wildfires and extreme weather conditions. This configuration offers maximum resilienc

y, while minimizing long term maintenance challenges. Each home has a dedicated fiber optic connection allowing for easy future upgrades from symmetrical 1 Gbps to 10+ Gbps. The network uses EntryPoint Networks’ automated network management platform configured with a single ISP option. In the future it is NevCo’s desire to add additional ISP in an Automated Open Access configuration giving subscribers multiple service providers and service offerings to choose from.

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