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  • Will it be as reliable as AT&T DSL?
    Underground fiber optic networks are much more reliable than traditional AT&T DSL networks which are based on copper wire. Locating the network cabling underground protects it from extreme weather, fire and rodent damage. Fiber optic uses pulses of light to communicate over many miles, as opposed to the limited range of DSL. The network will be built using proven industry standard equipment with design reviews from highly experienced network engineers.
  • Who do I call for support?
    As the volume of fiber optic connections grows there will be a dedicated support telephone number who will provide assistance to home owners. Network status and basic troubleshooting will be available and when needed on-site service will be provided. Occasionally there may planned or unplanned issues beyond the local Nevada County Fiber network and we will provide proactive notifications to keep customers informed.
  • What happens if you move away?
    The goal is to grow Nevada County Fiber into a community owned and run organization over the next 3-5 years that will continue into the future. Prior to offering fiber optic service to customers there will agreements to transition operations to suitable local entities should my life circumstances change where I cannot continue to lead Nevada County Fiber.
  • Will prices go up and I have no other choices?
    Sadly, its been a common business practice for the large telco’s to offer attractive introductory rates and once committed they increase prices, which is a huge issue where no real competition exists! Price increases will be limited to SSI Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) or cost increases from the middle mile provider that are beyond the control of Nevada County Fiber, Inc. As this grows into a community owned organization the board of directors will decide how to best serve the needs of the community.
  • Should I cancel my Satellite TV?
    The media industry continues to evolve from the traditional Comcast/Direct TV cable channel packages to a model where the home owner decides which channels they mostly use. This is refereed to as ‘unbundling’ and for some it can be daunting to know how to subscribe and access the particular programs or movies. Its not uncommon for home owners to see a 20%-50% reduction in their overall cost as compared to traditional bundles.
  • What is the new Nevada County last-mile grant?
    Nevada County Board of Supervisors has approved a program that will be run by Sierra Business Council to stimulate rural broadband expansion. The pilot program has allocated $225,000 for successful applicants that will offset a portion of the constructions costs to make rural connections viable. This will assist with economic development, remote education, working and telemedicine which are all vital to a thriving local community. There are other funding sources such as the USDA and California Public Utilities Commission who provide grants to encourage the expansion of broadband.
  • Why should I care about  fiber optic?
    Whilst its true that at the moment AT&T mostly works well enough we know that bandwidth needs for media will continue to grow and low latency solutions like telemedicine, remote learning and remote working will become the standard and those without access will be at a disadvantage. There will be improvements in cellular connection but in our community with trees and step terrain they will not be as effective or as affordable as underground fiber optic.
  • How is it being constructed?
    Its widely understood that the best place to locate broadband communications is underground where its out of way from falling tree's, wild fire, rodents, and intense sunlight. Conduits will be placed approximately 24" deep with a marker tape and inobtrusive makers and lastly the path will be surveyed so the exact location can be found at anytime in the future. We will collaborate with each home owner to find the optinal path to each home and strive to locate conduits were they will not be in the way of any future construction.
Underground Conduit requirements

If you are building a new home or installing other utilities such as water, gas or electricity we would highly recommend installing conduits for future fiber-optic broadband. Please review the Get Ready for Fiber Optic, and please contact us with any questions

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