Andrew Wilkinson is living the reality of rural broadband. He successfully collaborated with AT&T in 2004 to make DSL available in our area and more than 10 other areas in Nevada County.


He has continued to work within the local community as an advocate for improved high-speed fiber-optic broadband.


With a 20 year career at Hewlett Packard which started in the networking business, and more recently as VP of Sales & Marketing for a startup focused on cloud networking technology he has been able to combine his experience of business, networking, financing, and engineering construction to continue to find pragmatic ways to bring much-needed high-speed affordable broadband to rural communities.


Community-owned fiber-optic network for all of Nevada County with unconstrained access to the internet.


Develop a reliable, low cost, high-speed, fiber-optic network accessible to all of the Nevada County community for growth in healthcare, jobs, education, and public safety.

PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff

In October we had a 3 day planned power shutoff which had a major impact on our daily activity. The new fiber-optic broadband service will be designed to run for at least a week from a lithium-ion battery pack and provided you have power in your home from a generator, or battery system you will be able to continue to access the internet from Nevada County Fiber. We are using AT&T Enterprise Fiber optic which continued to operate during the recent PSPS. 

I heard many local concerns that the 'old copper phone lines' stopped working, and as I understand it the primary reason was that the batteries in the AT&T equipment by the Red Dog mailboxes quickly ran out of power. This could be addressed by AT&T by replacing or increasing the battery capacity, but it's unlikely that this will happen without pressure from the CPUC. I will be monitoring this concern and provide updates.

Broadband Consulting

In July 2019 Andrew Wilkinson completed the Tahoe Basin Feasibility Study, that was administered by Tahoe Prosperity Center and funded by the EDA (Economic Development Administration)

The scope of the feasibility study includes the following key areas

1) An analysis of the Tahoe Basin region to identify opportunities for industry diversification and how Broadband can be the catalyst for that evolution.


2)  Business analysis for the financing and management of Tahoe Basin Broadband infrastructure. This business analysis will include an (i) market analysis; (ii) estimated capital and operating costs; (iii) estimated revenues; (iv) potential regulatory and other barriers; and (v) potential funding structures. This deliverable will essentially help the Tahoe Prosperity Center obtain answers for issues pertaining to who pays for Broadband infrastructure and how.

3)  An analysis determining an appropriate entity to manage Broadband infrastructure and related efforts in the Tahoe Basin. More specifically, a comprehensive analysis will be conducted to identify an appropriate entity, already existing or to be created, to manage Broadband infrastructure expansion, operations, and maintenance.