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Update on progress

Since completing 9 connections I have been focussed on making the fiber optic broadband more resilient to power outages, and making upgrades so I can begin to offer 1000Mbps! We recently had two significant power outages on two consecutive Saturdays and I was pleased to see the fiber optic system seamlessly transition to battery power without a glitch!

I have also been working with the California Public Utilities Commission on a further grants to extend the network to Banner Lava Cap and Buckeye, as well as investing in a larger truck and air compressor which will help to increase my efficiency.

The next area for connections is on Lolas Echo and working along Oak Ridge and many have seen the large roll of conduit that we will be using. This will be my first time drilling under Red Dog Rd, and I am taking the time to make sure I follow the requirements of the permit which means buying 'Shoulder Work' road signs, and correctly managing safe crossing of the existing underground PG&E and AT&T cables.

There is never a day that goes by where I am not working on our community broadband and whilst it seems like a long wait for those nearby, I can assure you its a worthwhile wait as the speed and reliability is truly transformational. With so many of the foundational parts in place I will be able to spend more time connecting my neighbors, and soon I am hoping to add additional help so I don't have to do everything myself!

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